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Hygiene is one of the major concerns in South East Asia, with a majority of preventable illnesses related to personal hygiene. Many of such illnesses could be solved with the simple step of maintaining hygiene in their living space. Our surveys and research into this problem led us to the conclusion that majority of people were not able to afford or were not using quality cleaning products at home. Leading brands were out of reach for many common people and therefore they were resorting to the use of substandard products, which did not significantly help improve their hygiene and cleanliness. This problem inspired us to formulate international quality products that could also be afforded by everyone, since Personal Hygiene is a fundamental right for all of us. After years of research & development, we are proud to bring you our range of Home Care products. These products are designed to be Tough on Stains, and Easy on your pocket

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SPLASH offers a range of everyday Home Care products that help in maintaining Germ Free Homes. Our innovative formulas guarantee effortless cleaning & improved hygiene

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